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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Down To The Wire

Well, as far as we know this is it. You can ask David again if you want but he will just shriek. We're making the cats stay inside today - Claw was out all night so she could care less but Vincent is being an absolute pest about it. My big fear is they'll disappear right before we get ready to leave and since the buyers will be here today with thier kids to meet the utilities that's a real possibility. Especially since Vincent has an over the top fear of children and freaks at the sight of them - the few times there have been kids here he's been an absolute wreck - he just hides and shakes. We're going to Clarksburg this morning just to waste time and then it's one more trip to Goodwill and the dump and we are done. David will be escorting Pearl and Claw, Vincent will be riding shotgun with me.The house is cleaned from top to bottom, pretty much everything is packed - nothing left to do but wait. We haven't heard from Jackson so I'm guessing he's well into bootcamp - I miss him dreadfully but I expect to for awhile. Everything feels so unreal right now.

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