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Monday, September 8, 2008

We're HopingThis Is It.

David let Vincent out first thing this morning, but I wasn't overly worried. Vincent is a creature of habit and came back in around 7 am like clockwork to A) eat and B) use the litter pan as only the lower class cats do thier business outside. 4 years and that cat still comes in to use the litter pans and go back out. It's still pretty early so we have heard nothing from the RE, I'm sure David will be calling first thing this morning to make sure we're ready to roll and that will all depend on whether the loan was posted Friday. We'll most likely be offline for awhile so you'll have to wonder along with us what will happen next. I like that life is an adventure, but I'd like it better if it was a more orderly one, like someone handed you an itinerary - that way even if something bad happened you could look up the next month and see that it gets better and you'd be more relaxed knowing that even if was bad, there will be a stop date. We'll also be calling the recruiter this morning and getting an address for Boy #2, I spoke to Boy #1 last night and he was on his way to voluteer at a soup ktichen with friends, I'm glad to see he's doing something with his time in Norfolk. Well, wish me luck!

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davidwlester said...

Wel I look back on all the pictures and wonder ware the time went , your parents talked like that and you kind of disregarded it. So MUCH EMOTIONAL STUFF THE OLD THE NEW AND the pending unknow plans made and sucesses and failiers, depending on your view and perspective.  The saying what would have happened know one knows if we had never moved or if we had stayed at one of the other places no telling what good or bad anyones guess . We do our best to weigh positives and negitives and our wants and needs though they change constantly.  Financial verses happy and free time they are not always the same, We ar5e always trying for ourself and other people when your plans effect more than just you weather you like it or not is life.