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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Moving Foward

We got a call from Verizon yesterday that our DSL was ready to go - imagine my surprise when I hooked it up - and it worked. We had already decided to return the air card, out here it never gets over 40% which means it works, but it's like a bad dial up connection which is too bad. It's a bit more of a pain to have to plug it in whatever you're using but the idea of being able to tote it all over was very appealing. Anyhoo, I am feeling much better except for waking up every morning with a headache - I think that might be due to the massive amounts of goldenrod and ragweed surrounding the joint. But I managed to get stuff done yesterday, I hooked up the DSL, I called the insurance guy and got that straightened out, I called Comcast who wanted $206.16 for no apparent reason when they are actually only owed $22. 44, I have a job interview on Thursday and Pearl and I finally managed to prowl around the old chicken coop. I stuck my camera up in the loft as David had warned me there might be a tenant living up there and flashing a camera in might piss it off. From what I can see I'm assuming mice and how infuriated can they get?? Under the outhouse was not so interesting, the RE had told us he knew people that would dig it up if we ever decided to move it as people used to also pitch stuff down there - usually old medicine bottles and stuff like that. I told David if anyone was going to dig up the privy it would be ME, not the friends of the RE. It's my privy and I'll dig if I want to...... The cats are driving me crazy, we aren't letting them out for awhile due to the road and they are BORED so they either harrass each other or hide by the door in an attempt to get out. David is putting stockade along the front and then fencing in the back with wire so we'll see.

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