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Saturday, September 27, 2008

In Summary

In the past month I have quit my job, sent my last child off to the navy, sold my house, had a delay, shipped my belongings to PA including all of my clothes, had another delay, suffered through an unexpected event, had another delay, got my first and worst UTI, got the flu, been umemployed, drove 400 miles with pets in tow, bought another house with another delay, had a bad water tank, bad washer, a cold, had no dryer and no way to hook one up which was sort of ok as I STILL had no clothes as they were stuck in the depot, have too much stuff and too little room, and been on countless job interviews. David of course is rolling right along, fixing things one at a time and working at the same time, but I get frustrated as it seems nothing is easy. We went to get our PA driver's licenses and plates yesterday. Mine was fine but David was told he needed a new birth certificate because his parents hadn't signed it. So we were sent to downtown Scranton in the middle of the day (!!) (can you say traffic?) to have one generated by the state office. David found a spot and ran in, then came out with  a form as he needed to send to NY for it. That would be when I had both of them and noticed mine wasn't signed either. So we drove back and it turned out to be a mistake of the clerk, that's only if you are BORN in Pa. Which we are not. Sigh. You don't get your plates at the DMV, you get them at Leonard's Tags And Plates in Dixon City so off we went with no title or PA insurance which we hadn't been able to get because we didn't have PA licenses so the upshot is I have WV plates and a PA license, whatever. I'm off to LI this morning and David will be here continuing to rip things out and so forth. We have to get a new light for the dining room - I have never in my entire life seen such a cheap-o-la chandelier, you would have to see it in person to truely appreciate it's thriftiness. It's raining this morning so I don't know how far he'll get with the fence this weekend and we really need that to go up soon.

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rdautumnsage said...

Sounds like we are in the same boat, if it can go wrong it will. Although mine isn't a move it's just the bs from the contractors. When we started I thought small potatoes, 2 weeks at the most. That would be if they showed up daily. These guys come maybe once/twice a week. They always have complaints about other jobs they have lined up and are doing. That's great/good for you. How about getting this one done and finished within a reasonable time. PA however is beautiful this time of year, the leaves should be in full out color change within a few weeks. I'm in upstate NY and I'm already seeing the mtns. glory come alive.

I think all our animals are grateful they don't have the human equivalent of problems these days. Here's to hoping the drivers license, insurance and everything else goes ok. (Hugs)Indigo