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Monday, September 22, 2008

On The Mend

Well, I finally am starting to feel a little better today - it's a bit nervewracking as I have so much going on I have no idea what to blame. Liz said when she had pylonephritis she had headaches and her back hurt. I have that too (or I did up to last night) BUT I am also living across from a field of ragweed, have moved countless bins, have a cold (or flu), so what is causing what is a mystery to us all. My back stopped hurted yesterday and I had a headache this morning but it was easily cured with a tiny bit of tylonol. I applied for my first job this morning after a moderate amount of weeping - cut and pasting your resume to an email is a trauma in itself. When you paste it to an email it ends up looking like an anagram which doesn't make you Spanky to potential employers. I finally ended up retyping it directly to the email and did a CC to myself so I would have it for future reference. Things here are moving foward, we have the washer dryer hooked up - David had to run a 220 line as apparently these people had never had a dryer. The furnace seems to be ok but we still have the electric baseboards so we won't have to do without heat. We got the date for Jackson's bootcamp graduation which is on the 24rth of October. We were told we would get 3 car passes but due to limited space we actually only got 1 pass with a limit of 4 people to attend. But we will deal with it. On the upside the leaves are starting to turn and it will look beautiful very soon, I'm planning on a daytrip to the outlets soon - anyone want to ride shotgun??

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