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Friday, September 5, 2008

We're Still Here, Thank You For Asking

We will most likely be here until Tuesday which is the date of the NEXT "definate" closing. I am a bit dsitraught to put it mildly, especially since we were not informed of this new develpment unitl late yesterday morning so as a result of that our stuff is now in PA on the property of a house we don't own and we have no phone service at all except for our cell phones since the shut off date was yesterday morning and we were unable to undo it in time.I would say this can't get worse except we all know that it can and it will, not to mention we really don't have anything to do now except surf the internet and watch bad horror movies from the 80's which gives me tons of time to conentrate on these things plus miss Jackson. But on the other hand the weather has been very nice so Pearl and I have been really enjoying the pool, and since I'm not working I've been catching up on my Useless Reading, knitting and watching cheesy horror movies from the 80's. I still enjoy them but they make me miss Jackson as he and I have, through the years, sat through countless B flicks - the worse they are the better. I developed my taste in The Fine Arts from my dad who allowed me to spend many spine chilling and happy hours watching Creature Feature and One Step Beyond on Saturdays. He, my brother Henry and I would drag out sleeping bags and piles of junk food and sit up half the night watching those awful things - of oourse when you're young they're pretty real and intrguing. So me being me, I passed that along to Adam and Jackson who have both seen every silly cheesy bit of horror that has come down the pike and then some.

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