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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Arrgh is all I have to say!

The past week has been an exercise in patience or at least a litmus test for things that can - and will - go wrong. We did close on our house yesterday, but the events of the day included torrential rain, a VERY unexpected event and the loss of our computer - and no, I am not going into details on the blog. Suffice to say it was a race to the finish. After the closing (which Pearl attended due to a very weird Dish Network installation guy that creeped us all out) I went straight to the doctor's as what I thought was stress turned out to be a monster UTI that the doctor was not happy about me not being able to come back for a follow up. So yesterday morning at 6:30 am I bid a very teary adieu to our house - I am missing it already. But I know it was not the place for us and it will now be housing a young couple and five children with plenty of room to roam - because that is what that house was built for. At the moment I'm in the Comfort Inn with two very bored cats who are taking turns looking out the window. David and Pearl are at the house measuring and making plans. We close in 2 and-- a half hours from now and I am hoping with my heart it goes well - and fast. Because this closing will be attended by EVERYONE as check out time is 11 am. Vincent is sitting beside me, he has been enjoying this adventure least of all - in between being subjected to children, tossed in a carrier and carted 400 miles to a hotel, Jackson leaving, your heart just has to go out to the little guy. But he's doing better, when I woke up this morning he was tucked up next to me and started purring when I touched him - life has changed for him greatly but that doesn't mean there will be no joy in it - he'll just have to do what we're all doing - finding our joy in other places.

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rdautumnsage said...

This was so heartfelt! I wish you love and peace on your journey to the new home. (Hugs)Indigo