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Thursday, September 25, 2008

On The Prowl

Well, I am finally feeling much better, I still have a little cough and sniffle, but given the past 3 weeks, I can live with that. So yesterday I put on my Sunday Best and started pounding the pavement. It was supposed to be just an application gathering mission but I got roped into filling out all sorts of papers by two agencies. I started off at Interim (thank goodness for the GPS, believe me!).  They can offer me part time with part time benefits - since the Master Plan is we have our own benefits and I work per-diem it frees me up a bit more in what I will consider and what I won't. They work out of a small house in a business district and have patients in my area. As I was driving I spotted another agency - Revolutionary Nurses and popped in there to fill out an application since I was in the neighborhood, what the heck and you never know, do you? From there it was off to Bayada Nurses - freaking HUGE corperate office - glass walls and everything. More paperwork (I stopped at doing the inservices since I pointed out I was not working for them yet...) they offered per-diem no benefits BUT they're opening a Poconos office in the spring and my foot would be planted firmly in the door. When I got home the other agency had called - they offer benefits and a corperate car AND I have an interview today with a hem/onc clinic - after that I am sitting back and trying to figure out what I want to do. In other news David and I stopped at the apple farm the other day, you get a huge basket of fresh apples for $7 - can't beat that. David finished putting in the french doors in the dining room, this house weirdly enough has two front doors and no back. He has to put a deck on but that didn't stop Pearl from using it - David had shooed her away but he turned his back on her for one minute and there she went sailing into thin air - that would be when it occurred to her that the first step was a Doozy. She landed fine of course, she is Pearl The Girl, and raced around as it was very Exciting and So Forth.

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