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Saturday, September 6, 2008

More Fun Than A Turkish Prison

This is so stressful, yet so boring. We got more info about what happened with the loan, the buyers hadn't made arrangements for the closing costs and when the first deal for thier house fell through (2 days before closing) they were short about $8000 so they needed to do a home equity line of credit that they didn't apply for until the 28th - we thought things were dragging but in reality the bank has been rushing it as fast as possible. But that is neither here nor there as we are people without a country or at least a job and furniture. The buyers have been fillling up the garage, we have it hard - they have it worse. They're under contract again but had already moved out of thier house furniture and all into the mom's house with thier 5 kids - things are a bit crowded over there we understand. We would love to let them in here early but now we don't close on the other house until Wednesday which means at the very least an overnight stay with the crew. Speaking of crews we will be calling the recruiter on Monday for Jackson's new address, I would love to be able to talk to him but writing will be ok for now. I'm watching BBC tonight but it's so strange without Jackson, since we've moved here we've watched the BBC channel every Saturday night without fail, it's just not that much fun without him.

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