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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Your Opinion Counts!

I had my last scheduled interview today at 9 am. Even with the GPS I got a little bit lost (it sort of forgot to announce "bear to the right"as I was cheerfully Bearing To The Left), but not a bit deal. I've learned from past experience to leave an extra half an hour plus the time you need to get there just in case - that way if you get lost it's not a big panicky thing, if you make it there the first time you look golden for being an Early Bird. The interview went well and I was offered a job. SO, here are our choices - we can work for either Bayada or Interim per - diem (that means we'll be paid by the visit and used as needed). That is a snappy thing because there is no weekends, no working holidays and no on call. If we want to go on vacation or even just spend a day Lying About and Eating Ghost Peeps we can do that when ever we like. We can get drunk every Tuesday and lay on the front lawn - we are our own masters! The poopy side - no benefits, no paid vacation, sick days or holidays. If they're in a slump or at full hire they don't call us or maybe only call us a couple days a week. Hmm. The other choice is full time, we have to pay in for our benefits (that's the way all home care outfits are so we expected that) but we get boffo insurance for a reduced price, we can use the company car or get paid milege (up to us), paid holidays, vacation and sick days, we were offered a fairly attractive salary with a raise if we behave in an Orderly Fashion and of course it's a guarenteed paycheck. The poopy side is we cannot take off for parts unknown or get drunk on Tuesdays whenever we want, we will have to be on call once a month, and of course be on call for holidays if that is when our week falls. So, I am taking opinions, I have to call them on Thursday morning to give them an answer so don't be shy and don't be sitting there dawdling until Friday afternoon or something. Inquiring minds want to know!

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