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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Did You Hear An Echo?

The walk through is at noon today so David and I have been up since the wee hours scrubbing and vacuuming every square inch. We're down to living in 3 rooms, everything else is empty. David and I fuss and bother and then do it again, every mark has become huge and glaring, we pick and pick. This is the worst part - we're trying to get into the other house a little early and will hear back from the lawyer (hopefully) today, otherwise Pearl and I will be enjoying the amenities of the Comfort Inn ALL weekend, along with the cats and David. Speaking of whom, he sort of forgot to call some of the utilities about the delay so when the Dominion Gas guy came up today I was repeatedly and a bit frantically telling David HE CAME HERE TO TURN THE GAS OFF TODAY - David continued to chatter obliviously and point out where the shut off was. I finally got through before we ended up having to endure cold showers and cold food for the rest of the week.  Since things are getting down to the bare bones of it all we didn't need that. We're down to one piece of furniture to sit on which is the old futon from the basement, everyone crowds on that at night to watch tv and eat - we spend most of our time jockeying for position, but it's something to do. Jackson is at bootcamp this morning I'm assuming, he flew out at 5:50 pm last night, he sounded pretty stressed out, but I think once he gets there and gets started he'll be fine.

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