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Thursday, April 8, 2010


The temps continue to stay high, how odd is that. The bear has stayed out of the yard, he apparently knows what's good for him - our neighbor potshots him with a pellet gun which I'm not sure how much that helps but this isn't WV where you could just dispatch him and be done with it. I've started my new knitting project, it's a sweater as I had said, I've been alternately knitting socks and shawls for quite awhile. Shawls take forever and socks don't so it makes a good combination. I have socks that need to be finished, I had started them when we flew down to Florida. DPNs apparently do not set off any alarms as they're fairly wee and attacking anyone with them could take quite a while, providing they were willing to sit still for it. We fired up the BBQ again last night, we'll be doing that quite a bit over the summer. I love to slice up zucchini, spray it with PAM and a shot of Mr. Dash - they are so good! I've got to switch over to my summer clothes, also weed out all the stuff I don't wear. The hard clothes to get rid of are the ones you've bought because they were on sale, they were cool looking, they might fit someday, etc.........and there they hang, never worn and some insanely out of fashion. Some I just transfer - there are two things that Setsu gave me years ago and every year one goes back with the winter clothes and the other comes out for the summer. I know it's been a long time, but I just can't bring myself to get rid of them

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