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Monday, April 26, 2010

The Pool

We've gotten two estimates for the pool. The pool is 16 x 4 feet deep. The first estimate was $1700. The second guy came and told David he usually doesn't do anything under $3000 but for us, $2500. I know there are some thinking that is not so bad but the people that bought our house in WV just had our old pool relined. Our old pool that is 32 x 16 and 10 feet deep on the end for $2300 - labor included. That is ridiculous. Part of it of course is the pool is really too small to swim in but filling it in wouldn't work either as we'd spend just as much - or more - putting something else in that didn't look like a pool had been there. We still have some time to figure it out so we'll just let it slide for now. The yard is looking much better these days, David has it trimmed back and has been taking down the dead trees, there will be plenty of firewood this fall. We don't have much in the way of grass and I'm not sure if we want to start that mess this year or will even have time. David has been clearing off piles of brush, dead leaves, old railroad ties, dead trees, etc - nothing has been taken care of for years. The neighbors told us it was a shame because when this house was bought, the people had put a lot of money in it and it had been a beautiful place. It rained all day yesterday which is one of the problems with the lack of grass of course, mud mud mud. Pearl is very rude and doesn't wipe her paws, not to mention the rain gets her all excited so she has to run back and forth. A lot. She's a bad dog, but we like her.

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