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Monday, April 12, 2010

No Matter How Far They Are, They Can Still Make You Crazy

We heard from Jackson a few times this weekend, he is of course stationed in San Diego for the duration of his enlistment. Sometimes it's hard to remember he's only 20, he was born mature and he does super weird stuff like save for his retirement and plan for the future. But his age occasionally shows. And here is the difference between 20 and 50 -
Jackson - "did I tell you my wallet was stolen last week? and it had my social security card and drivers license in it? Should I do something?"
Me - "ACK!!"
We finally convinced him this might be an issue but he's shipping out very soon which compounds things. David signed him up for Life lock - we've had that for quite awhile and it really does work. Things like this happen in the navy, Adam has had his wallet stolen, but it's difficult because of location. You're supposed to go to the local police and fill out a report, but finding the police station in a strange town can be daunting and that's providing you can get time off to go in the first place. His driver's license is a bit more of a trick since it was issued in WV and according to the person at the DMV he has to go back to have his picture taken - David is calling again today as that doesn't sound right. It will get straightened out. I'm back to work today, I'm glad I took Friday off, the weekend was nice and quiet for once, nothing but calm stuff - sometimes you just need that time to really do nothing at all. The sweater is moving along quite nicely, I finished the first sleeve yesterday so all that's left is the second sleeve, sewing it up and the button band - done! It went really fast, I'm not used to using bulky yarn and large needles and was surprised at how quickly it goes. I did buy some more yarn this weekend but it was ALL on sale - AC Moore's was clearing out the last of the expensive yarn that hadn't sold (who would pay $11 for 50 grams at AC Moores? When I shop there I want a bargain!) and then the yarn shop had sock yarn 50% off so that was added to my stash. But I have slowed down and I'm using what I have. I also signed up for a knitting class - I'll be making a swallowtail shawl which looks more complicated than it is (I hope).

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