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Sunday, April 18, 2010


I tried to get out of here in time on Saturday - but between this and that, plus I had sort of forgotten how far it is to Pittston from here - I ran way late. But on the way there I was rummaging through my wallet and found my CPR - dated for October. That was confusing until I remembered that when I moved here I had to take it again because it took so long to get my card from WV. After I took it here, my first card wandered into the area so I indeed have two cards. Since I was near to Pittston I popped my head in and decided against taking it. I was so late it would've distracted the class and it was two more hours. This gave me Bonus Shopping Time. So off to Dickson City I scampered, coupons in hand and a song in my heart. I mainly poked around, there's not much I need these days but managed to get a couple of pair of shoes for work and a good book. While at Borders there was story time for the kids and the woman leading it was singing Ten Pigs In a Bed - I almost started laughing because I had been known to sing that to Liz when we were drunk teenagers. Then she started singing Little Bunny Foo Foo which the boys of course liked, it's a bit odd though isn't it? The day was cold and grey so it was a good day for all of this. Then last night was Dr. Who marathon, I didn't get to see the new episode but it will be on every week so no big there. I spoke to Adam, they'll be out of port in the near future and he's trying to start planning on what he'll do after the navy. This time I think he'll be better prepared than the last. Today I have nothing on the boards, David and I are plotting small trips for the summer I think, once we get everything settled here.

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