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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring is here. So are the Vermin.

Well, Happy Easter everyone, David and I will be spending the day quietly. He's better and the pain is less, but he's still quite limited. But he's improving rapidly at this point, so it won't be long. Good thing we have Peeps! The weather has turned warm over the past week - we moved here in the fall and buying a house in winter is not a good time to get a clear picture of where you live. We moved to the WV house in the spring, early summer the problems were immediately identifiable. My clearest memory of my first days there are going to make tea and having a cockroach cheerfully wiggle out of one of the burners, run across the stove and disappear down the crack. Ekk. The centipede invasion, barn rats, brambles. We haven't seen too much in the way of bugs, we had one mouse briefly get in which was dispatched rather quickly by Vincent The Brave and so far there was just some general dampness in the very corner of the basement during the very heavy rains. But the yard! How lovely in the snow and cold, but now. The former residents decorated with those railroad ties that were super popular in the 80's, now are rotted and crooked - and you can't burn the buggers either. The lawn consists of mud and wild onions, if they were ramps I would be joyous, but they are just useless. The pool might just be drained this year and dealt with next year, we haven't sold the other house and that will be a big expense. David is trying to figure out that one too as the cement is cracked, the railroad ties are collapsing - but we're keeping it because once we get the atrium done it will look beautiful. The rest of the yard though is quite lovely, rolling waves of green moss, it looks poetic in some places. We'll get it straightened out - and as long as the bugs and deer stay on their side of the forest things will be just fine.

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