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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

That's What You Get For Complaining About The Heat

Yep, the temps shot right up to eighty. Which puts us in a bit of a quandry - this house has no central air and electric baseboards. We were going to deal with that issue once we sold the other house, which of course, isn't selling. We have an airconditioner but given what electric costs around here, we're a little loath to hook it up. Things here are very expensive, much more than we ever anticipated and it's not getting any better. I want to have a garden this year too which is becoming a bone of contention already. It's not the garden, it's the lousy deer who have been eyeballing the property daily - I chase them off whenever I see them - stinkin beasts. AND THEN there was a bear hanging about - David put the trash in the back of the truck to take down to the road (he's still not 100%) and it took one of the bags, sorted it to see if there was anything good and then made like an egg and beat it because Pearl The Bear Avenger was barking in the atrium. SO now I have to keep not only deer out of the yard, but the bears which are, from what I understand, a much tougher customer. Linda has told me throwing rocks is not a good idea and whacking them with sticks is also not an option. I'm toying with the concept of some sort of catapult but I'm sure if anyone loses an eye, it will be me. Not to mention being on point against a forest full of stupid animals WHO SHOULD BE STAYING ON THEIR OWN SIDE OF THE WOODS I just don't have the time. But on that topic, I'm taking a personal day on Friday - if you knew how much vacation, sick time, etc I've accrued after only one year you would cry. That's what happens when you work all the time. I'm close to the 80 hours for sick time - after that they pay you for it. Whoo Hoo. Work has slowed down so I'm taking advantage of it catching up and getting the new staff ready for when we do pick up. But having a 3 day weekend and no where to go (I hope!!), well, I just hope it happens.

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