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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mailbox Patrol

As you get older your not so desirable traits tend to get a little stronger - mine of course of impatience. It makes me good at my job - I have to do it - and do it NOW. The phones go on at exactly 8:30 am (or earlier), paperwork moves along. But it makes me a major pain in the ass to UPS and Fed Ex, especially with 3 Day Shipping. And even worse I can Track A Package which which becomes a preoccupation at best, an obsessive demented activity at worst. I did indeed order yarn and other assorted Yarn Related Items from my favorite web store Knitpicks - I super love them and their yarn is not only high quality and low price but I can find colors and stuff I can't find anywhere else. Add in the 40% off all the books - Charge!! So I ordered at 4:03 PM yesterday and the clock started ticking. I've peeked throughout the day and still have two days to go - I will worry it won't get here, call Customer Service at least 10 times if it doesn't arrive by 4:03 on Friday - if I have to go through the weekend Package-Less, the drama will continue. I have my first knitting class on Saturday to distract me and will be using a yarn I bought at the shop - that's polite. I still have a $25 credit waiting for me in Milford, but I'll get to that eventually - it's not going anywhere and I have to see what I need later on. Work was fun today, we had Starr Medical talk and they brought breakfast from Panera Bread. Next week our new director starts and I'm having a breakfast for her at the meeting next week so I have to get that planned this weekend. We have CHAP coming, all sorts of things and I've been ordering to beat the band. Our business is picking up and I'm still sifting through the staff, busy busy. David bought a cap for his truck and put an ad in the local paper so we'll have to see what happens - this area is much more depressed than we realized so it's been pretty tough for him. We're also getting prices on the pool liner - we have a couple of months so we can do a lot of comparison before committing.

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