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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Days Roll On

The weather is slowly getting warmer, we had a few days of summer and then plunged right back into late winter. But now the temps are steady in the 40's to 70's - I'll take that. I finally after all these months, signed up for a knitting class. It was not as easy as I thought it would be to pick one - I wanted something a little challenging and then it needed to fit into my schedule. We're going away for a few days early summer, there's another Bayada party, Ray, I work, etc... so it took a bit of checking my calendar and so forth to find one. I've also been thinking of trying to start a knitting group right here in the community, but that will come right back down to my schedule which is overfull at best, frantic at worst. I've hired a crew of nurses but in home care you can hire a dozen, if one or two work out that's good. The sweater is almost done, I have half a sleeve, the button band and it's finished. I have to see patients in Milford next week which would work because I need buttons to match and the shop out there sells the perfect color! David and I have started doing a bit in the yard, but it will be rough going. The former owners landscaping consisted of rotten railroad ties and about 7 flowers - then David started pulling out the ties and released an army of carpenter ants - that was a bit of a shrieker. The frogs have abandoned the pool but have left eggs all over the place. Bastards

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