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Monday, April 19, 2010

Karma 101

I always think of Karma as looking at someone while trying to look like you're not looking. That's an odd way of putting it - but the basic principle is the same. Today, I had the opportunity to do something nice for someone who wasn't expecting it - and I would get nothing in return. That's a basic - it's not a swap meet A patient had been discussing an ingredient he loved and he couldn't find it anywhere, but I know they sell it near me. The patient lives in the yarn shop area so I was going to see him first, then off to Church to pray to the Wool God. Of course as I was about to leave the phone rang and it was a long several conversations, notes - then I remembered I also needed gas. So as I got into my car I did the math and if I skipped the grocery - I could make it. And that is where your karma gets a little boost - if there's suffering and sacrifice involved there's a few extra Buddha Points. I ran to the market, drove behind The Car That Only Goes Thirty Four Miles An Hour to the gas station, watching the clock, watching the speedometer, turtle slow. I sighed and gave it up, selfish thoughts for something I can do anytime. Got to the patient - absolute delight, change in menu for dinner, patient is doing very well, the gift was an unexpected and appreciated extra. When I left I realized it was a little earlier than I had anticipated and if I drove - I vacillated between hope and despair, 4:47, 4:48. I got there two minutes AFTER five - still open! Turns out this was the first day they started their spring and summer hours, open til 6 now - I bought the buttons and it put me right over the amount I needed for the free $25 rebate - to be paid in yarn of course on my next visit. That is what happens karma-wise when you're a good egg rolling on the path. But if you start feeling good and thinking you're all that - a cop will show and drive behind you the entire length of 209, speed limit 45 and they're just looking for an excuse. A little cosmic reminder that no matter how well you behaved today, you could be sidewalk jam tomorrow in the greater scheme of things. David was emptying the pool out when I got home, gobs and gobs of Pre-Frog goo, sigh, Karma calls again. 3 trips to the swamp to give the tadpoles a chance, as the end of the day if you can stay even, that's all you can ask most days.

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