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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lots Going On

David finished glopping out the pool and is now getting estimates on a new liner. We have a couple of months so he's checking out the Internet and will most likely install it himself. The first guy gave him a pretty high number (the pool is very small and it's more for looks than anything else), the second guy has already shown himself to be unreliable. He didn't show up, then called and pretended it was supposed to be today, then said he truck broke down - which is it buddy?- so I think he's off the roster already. I find it annoying how people will complain they can never get work and then do things like that. In the past we've occasionally tried to hire people and David gets so disgusted he ends up doing it himself anyhow - most of the reason is they simply don't show up when they say they will. And like this guy, if you can't even do it for the estimate, how will you behave when you've actually gotten the job? No thank you! I got my package so was happily glomming all over that last night - right after I got done having a hissy fit. I have that knitting class I signed up for weeks ago and of course at 4:55 we started getting referrals - at one point I had two which meant I wouldn't have been able to go to this class which of course, is nonrefundable. I do get upset because it seems like every time I plan something work interferes. That's probably not true but I do reserve the right to over react for at least five minutes. However I have it down to one admission and already have it scheduled so hopefully it will all work out. I also have to go shopping this weekend as I'm having a breakfast for the new boss on Thursday so that will be my weekend. My package from Knitpicks came when they said it would - the yarn is very nice and I got all sorts of stuff.

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