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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Things May Appear Closer Than They Are

Yesterday did not go exactly as planned. I had signed up for the knitting class to meet people, relax and learn how to do this particular shawl - I've attempted it on my own in the past and was not successful. I'm still not. Timing was good yesterday, I scheduled my admit well and ended up with enough time to run back to the office, finish the paperwork and change and get over there. In retrospect I would have been better off with a sock class to start - the pattern is so complicated no one can really talk except on alternate rows which makes conversation a bit tricky as you have to stop talking on the even rows. I ripped mine out about a hundred times and left with only 4 rows done - we're supposed to have 50 done before the next class on the 8th - so now I'm all stressed out. About my knitting class. Go figure. I tried a couple of times last night and finally gave it up as it was really stressing me out then - I even woke up around midnight thinking about it! I think I'll try a thicker yarn today and straight needles and see if that helps - I' m considering calling in sick but that would be a wee bit over the top, wouldn't it? And I would mess up my Grand Plans - I've been with Bayada for over a year and have not called in sick once. I have 72 hours of sick time and if I can hang in there and go over 80 they give it back to you in cash! That's excellent because the last place I worked at punished you for not calling in sick - I lost over 3 weeks of sick time because I never called in. That makes me mad because you know everyone else calls in just to use it, so you end up with the very short end of the stick. I also have over 50 hours in vacation so if I die I'm covered. And of course there's that obsessive part of it as I became obsessed with not calling in awhile ago so it's not that I haven't been sick, I just can't make myself call in. There are some obsessions your superiors are in favor of, this would be one. It's raining a great deal today but we have plans to do the shopping and that's about it, I have one patient to see but all of this will cover what I spent for yarn so that's OK!

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