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Friday, April 9, 2010

It's That Time Of The Year Again

I have no one to blame but myself of course. David and I were so good for such a long time and then it was a Crap Festival everyday. We were like a pair of ten years left on our own for the weekend - Lucky Charms for dinner, Ring Dings for dessert, Entemanns for breakfast. Part of it was stress, David was sick for such a long time, work was overwhelming. In those situations hummus and carrot sticks doesn't cut it - nothing but a Brownie Blizzard from Dairy Queen will quell that pain, let me tell you. Exercise fell to the wayside to complicate it and the next thing you know the Fat Lady is singing and your belly's sticking out instead of sinking in. I'm back on my usual diet - the worst part is I actually feel better, I'm not dragging at 10 from the sugar crash anymore but why can't Yodels make me feel like that? Exercise for me can be a bit difficult, I was going to start walking the dog in the mornings or after work BUT Miss Behave needs an electric collar, there are no shoulders on these narrow twisty roads and we've already had two loose pit bulls in the yard so I would also need pepper spray and a stick. Maybe riot gear. I do have my portable DVD and have found some exercise DVDs that have it in ten minute programs. I won't loose 50 pounds but it's do-able. I've been back on my ellipse which also has 20 minute programs and I make my lunch while I make my breakfast - but I always bring my lunch anyhow. We heard from Jackson last night, the Unhappy Helmsman, but that will pass, it always does.

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