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Friday, April 16, 2010


I've got to take a CPR class in Pittson on Saturday - at first I was a little annoyed - my days off are far and few between most times - but I haven't been down in that area in months so after the class I'll be going to Dickson City to do a little shopping while I'm there. David continues to work on the yard, it's dilapidated appearance reminds me of Mrs. Havershand's mansion in Great Expectations. I'm sure when they put in the pool and did all those configurations with the railroad ties it looked nice, but now the ties are all decayed and tilting, the cement is faded, the pool is full of tadpoles (David keeps pumping, it keeps raining). All I need is the dried out wedding cake and tattered wedding gown to traipse around the yard - that actually sounds like a fun, doesn't it? But she never went outside, did she, so I would have to sit in the dusty house with the shades pulled, not much fun after all. Work is picking up again, everyone but one person showed for the weekly meeting, the staff is bursting at the seams - we are supposed to move into the new building in October, but they haven't even broken ground yet so we shall see. I finished the sleeve on the sweater last night so I'll be able to finish it this weekend, that went pretty fast. I have to figure out what yarn I'll be using for the class I'm taking, I suppose it would be polite to use a yarn I bought at the shop, I'll be picking one out this weekend.

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