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Sunday, October 10, 2004

All Systems Are Go - For The Moment At Least!

The advantage to living here in the fall is there is an endless opportunity to take postcard quality pictures at all times. Ray arrived yesterday much to our delight - he's so happy we're within driving distance again and so are we! We went to Olive Garden yesterday for an early dinner. We had a great time, the food was WAY better than any chain-restaurant should be and our waiter was hilarious. Then to Borders where Jackson fed his addiction for Caramocha coffee. We're braving Mt Pocono today. I'm still having issues with my computer - in order for us to be able to connect to the internet again I had to restore it all the way back to October 1st along with strict warnings to all not to update the XP no matter how much the computer begs and wheedles. I got kicked off again this morning with the computer sullenly insisting it saw a Norton Firewall but it did NOT - I have no idea where it comes up with these things. David had said to me yesterday it was "just a computer", but it's really not. I've found that computers are now as necessary as washing machines and refridgerators. Without it, there's no way I can stay in touch with everyone - even this website has replaced letters and phone calls. Everytime something goes wrong with it and we can't get on the internet my stomach clenches up and I get a bit frantic. I really feel like I've lost all communication - I know that seems a bit overboard, but I doubt I'm alone in that feeling! Anyone with advice or knowledge feel free to contact me.And of course there's Adam, the bad sea monkey. He will be on leave from the 10th to the 28th so we'll have to start making plans soon. But the airport in Wilkes-Barre does get flights from Japan which is a good thing. I swear this month has been nothing more than an uphill battle all the way.

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