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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The Face Of Innocence

I ended up shutting Mr. Lee down the basement today, I'm having enough problems sleeping without her leading a commando assaults on the bedroom door. It's not as bad as it sounds since the "basement" is actually a carpeted family room and Jackson's bedroom is down there too. When I got up she was playing with Jackson and refused to come upstairs until later to eat, so I'm guessing she didn't suffer overly much. I'm still having trouble sleeping, insomnia during the day is an odd animal. It's not that I'm not sleeping - I am - I'm just not sleeping when I WANT to be. Instead of falling asleep when I get home I can't seem to be able to drift off until noon or so which puts my whole schedule of sitting around and watching tv off entirely. We're currently at odds with Jackson (hmmm, arguing with a teenager, how strange is that?). He was supposed to have done a project for school which was to build a mountain out of  the material of your choice. He thinks it's stupid, as do his parents but it needs to be done. So far it's a week overdue and he's been dodging his mountain building responsibilties all evening. If they thought bringing the mountain to Mohammand was difficult, they should've tried to bring it to Jackson - he apparently has been sprayed with Mountain Repellant. David's planning on launching another assault in a little while. I guess it makes the day go faster!

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