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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Just Hangin' In The Hood!

It's hard to believe it's almost Halloween. Probably because all the stores have been decorated for Christmas since September. Most seem to have thier Halloween displays butted right against the trees and holly. It's hard to feel spooky amongst the twinkling lights and snowmen! We went to a craft fair yesterday, all candles and ribbons type stuff. Jackson and David were a bit miffed, they thought there would be Dead Animal Crafting so in retalitation they persisted in following right behind me like a pair of demented baby ducks. After about half an hour of that I gave up, bought a couple of things and ix-nayed out of there. We ended up in our favorite spot, Commerce Blvd in Dickson City. Jackson reserved the Metroid Game and got a free tee-shirt which he gloated over all the way home. We went to Sam's Club to buy Jackson his weekly Cartful Of Junk which he'll run out of by Wednesday and then trail around the house claiming There's Nothing To Eat. Vincent the cat continues to be quite the popular boy except for Claw of course. He jumped her this morning which caused all sorts of troubles and ruckus - he doesn't hurt her but it certainly doesn't help her disposition. Mr. Lee has taken up walking along the railing of the loft, it's amazing how she's regained her sense of balance after all the damage she sustained back in April - and to think she's be going on 15 this year. David continues to work on the house - we've decided to give it a couple more months. With what we had left over from the sale of the house and my salary we can afford it and it's easier if he just gets it done now, instead of trying to do it piecemeal on the weekends. He's tiling the family room this week and doing the never-ending painting.

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