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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Help! I Fell Down a Hole And I Can't Get Up!

Yes, I am once again perfecting the art of photographing Gopher holes - getting better aren't I? Today is Adam's 21st birthday - I can't believe he'll be celebrating another one without us. Anyone who wants to email : -he's a bit down in the dumps as he's stuck on the ship again. He has been approved for leave and is just awaiting official word, but will be home from Dec 10th to the 28th. Work is going alright, I'm still getting used to the night shift. Yesterday I went to bed at 8:45 am and was awakened by Mr. Lee busting her way in. I put her out. She busted in again. I put her out and blocked the door. She stuck her paw under the door and scratched it. I pinched her. She did it AGAIN. I shrieked and she patted the door. This went on for an hour and a half until she finally gave up and then I laid there too awake to fall asleep. Sigh. I love animals - don't you?

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