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Saturday, October 9, 2004

All's Well That Ends Well

What a crappy week - nothing catastrophic by any stretch of the imagination, more like a continous level of anxiety fueled by one event after another. First was the old cable co. from WV which I hope is straightened out, but only after David and I took turns with everyone from Monique to Shamicka. One would tell us we owed nothing and the modem had been returned while the other one was busy sending us yet another threatening letter. This has been going on since August, can you believe it??Then I'd lost a huge filling that I'd been dragging my feet about - I was going to wait and see and in the meantime the dentist was going to clean my teeth and do x-rays. BUT instead it was way worse than he'd thought it was so instead of half an hour after work it was an hour and a half of drilling, molding, and off I went with a mouthful of novicane and temporary crown. I didn't get home til after 6 pm. The computer has been on the fritz all week, we had the cable guy come and he restored it. It worked for a few hours and then that night refused to connect to the internet despite threats, bribes and pleas. I'm finally on again today -I think the windows XP update isn't combatible with our internet connection - not to mention the firewall thing we've had going all month!! - so I did the time warp thing and returned the computer back to happier days, before the update, to a simplier time in it's little cyber-life. I'm crossing my gigabytes and hoping it stays this way. We had quite a time with Adam and his little drunken escapades in Thailand, but he's all squared away, so to speak. He's been told it's alright for him to put in for leave so he'll do it on Monday and will buy his ticket when he gets back to base - if that goes alright he should be home for Christmas. He should have plenty of money for a ticket since Mr. Happypants is on restriction til they get back to port. Today things seem to be a bit better, the computer is working, Ray is coming for the weekend, Jackson's doing well, and Vincent is upstairs laying on the couch (within earshot of the rustle of food bowls). Mr. Lee is upstairs on my bed, hanging out. She's been a bit of a pest lately - her new thing is marching around the bed at 3 am and purring loudly. It's very annoying and there's no way to stop her, who can hit a happy cat?? Especially our Mr. Lee!

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