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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Jack Frost Will Be Nipping At Our Nose Quite Shortly.

That' right - they are predicting SNOW on Sunday! One of my co-workers assured me it would only be flurries in the higher elevations. That would be me in the higher elevations. David's got the woodstove in working order already, he had to replace a pipe and clean it out good. We've got tons of deadwood behind the house so we're going to burn that first before getting any more. He had to shut Mr. Lee down in Jackson's room, she is determined I will sleep with the door open so consequently, I didn't get to sleep until 10 am again due to her picking at the door. I tried to keep her in the room with me but she just picked the door from that side to get out. She's driving me crazy I might add. I'm doing alright at work, the first night I just followed my preceptor, the past two nights I've done half the group and tonight I get the whole enchillada. I can't see them keeping me on orientation for FOUR WEEKS, can you? Jackson is great, really enjoying what he refers to as "the dungeon". He's been down here every evening arranging and rearranging, David hooked up his cable and he has a phone. He'd like a small refridgerater, but I'm afraid if we get him one we'll never see him again!

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