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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Things Are Moving Along

Some more pictures of the family room in progress. Over the winter we'll be furnishing it, there's no hurry so when we come across something we like we'll buy it. Of course we ARE being sued so perhaps it will have to be very inexpensive furniture. Maybe that french stuff, "plas-teak". We're kind of over the shock of it all, David has touched base with thier lawyer and will speak further to her next week. This is all coming at a very bad time, we're dealing with trying to get Adam home, David's mom needs surgery, I'm adjusting to my job, etc. But on the other hand I suppose there is no "perfect" time to get sued! Jackson's doing well, he seems to be making acquaintances in school now, no real friends yet but has been having fun on the bus and at lunch - and of course metal shop. The new thing is smacking each other on the elbows with slags of metal, Jackson got nailed last week and gave it back this week. I've got no idea where the teacher is in all of this, from what I can tell he just sort blanket-yells at everyone once in awhile and then wanders off, no one seems to have an issue with this. Jackson is also taking badmitton in gym - isn't it interesting that in NY gym is all basketball and track - you get out of state and it's cup-stacking and badmitton. Last month he was playing field hockey - the boy version where the goal is not the net, but various limbs of the opposing team. Despite the rough-housing he seems to be adjusting.

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