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Saturday, October 2, 2004

Knock, Knock. Who's there?

It's Vincent of course! Back from the dead or where ever he hangs out. I'm starting to think  this cat is actually the reincarnation of the guy your mother told you to stay away from and all your friends hate. I mean - think about it. Vincent shows up whenever he wants or he needs something, eats my food, hogs the couch, never calls, disappears without any explanation and then shows up expecting to be welcomed with open arms and a bowl of wet cat food. And in David's opinion there's also the money we spent on him but it's not like he borrowed  the $65 and blew it all on catnip and rubber mice. I'm sure he would've preferred if David had kept his $65 and he'd been able to keep his parts. We just enjoy him while he's here (like all the guys that are no good for you there's just something about him that's irresistable!) and don't worry when he's not. David is due home tomorrow, he's busy collecting all the stuff we left behind last year. I'll be glad to have my bike back, just in time for autumn leaves. Jackson and I went to Sam's Club - according to Jackson we're "completely out of food". That is true if you consider Fruit Roll Ups, Slim Jims and Pop Tarts food. The Sample Lady was giving away samples of rolled chicken which he LOVED so he talked me (the vegetarian!) into asking for one - I felt like a bit of a fraud to say the least.  I was afraid PETA would see me, but I seem to have escaped thier radar at the moment. Better yet - while she was giving me my free sample she asked Jackson if he would like another piece (SCORE!!) so we hurried around the corner and he proceeded to snarfful down all his ill-gotten gains. We bought a box so he's having it for dinner also - he's a happy camper today. It's raining again, but I don't mind. I finally found the book I've been haunting Borders for - it's about a little known epidemic of the bubonic plague in victorian San Franciso - gosh, I love buboes, don't you?

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