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Friday, October 29, 2004

A Boy Named Sue

Well, that really isn't a pictureof a boy named Sue, but while we're on the subject WE are being sued! The people that bought our house developed water and mold problems a few weeks after we left and are claiming we covered it up. The fact that we only lived there for 7 months, never saw any of this and fixed everything else from the hot water heater to the septic system -  why would we have let that go?? AND to add to it when David was doing his painting he was trying to find a better color to paint the downstairs so he experimented behind the wet bar, sigh -where the mold is. He couldn't decided on a color so just used the paint the former owners left. so it looks like he painted over it. WV seems to be the never ending saga. They've had the house inspected and it seems the house was waterproofed at one point and there's some sort of french drainage system that doesn't work and no one seems to have known about it. Not to mention they've had record rains in WV which may have been why we never saw this. We're trying not to stress about this - the bottom line is they're suing for $10,000 and even though it's ALOT of money it's not a super scary amount. The problem is even if we fight this we'll still have to pay court costs and that could amount to or supercede the amount they're suing for. David called the inspector that did the WV house and got her wife. When he told her we were being sued she told him to join the club - they're being sued for $15,000 over some peeling wallpaper at some other house he inspected a few years ago. . We're not getting crazy over this however, David's made some phone calls and we'll just let it work itself out. On the other hand any advice would be greatly appreciated at this point (or maybe donations). On other news I will be off orientation on Sunday finally! Just in time for Halloween, how strange is that? I'm also off for the weekend of the 6th in case anyone wants to visit! (BRING CASH)

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