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Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Not Quite The Yellow Brick Road

That's the bridge I take in Scranton to get to Route 84 - for some reason it reminds me of driving thru NYC  so of course I took a picture of  that instead of the magnificently restored victorian houses that surround the hospital. We've been currently going around with our Adam (AKA The Sea Monkey). It seems someone got a "bit" tipsy and then showed up very late to the boat, without a buddy to boot. He thought they would cancel his leave, but after all was said and done, not to mention a flurry of emails I think the end result will be no liberty for awhile. He was a good boy and took complete responsibility for his actions, but he will be a sorry boy for his 21st birthday next week. And to top it off he lost his ATM card in the machine in Thailand and will have to wait until he gets back in port to replace it. I had to call Navy Federal for him - it is completely staffed by morons. Apparently I can CANCEL his card without being on his account but cannot ask them to send him a new one. They said he could call or access the internet but he doenst have access to either on the ship. I pointed out if they sent a new ATM card it would go to HIS address not mine but they refused. When it rains it pours. His email address is if anyone wants to drop him a line. Not much going on in the Hideout this week, I'll be done with tele on friday and then starting Monday back on the night shift. This weekend we are going exploring in Mount Pokeyournose which should be fun. It sounds very tourist-ty so we should be able to come home with at least a tee shirt or a mug. Or maybe some Lederhose!!

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