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Monday, October 18, 2004

Greetings From The Pocono Brewing Company

Well, Dad's visit went very well. We stopped in Mt Pocono and poked around a  very kitshy store, Dad bought Jackson a sword there. Then we drove out to the Pocono Brewing Co, the place where everyone goes for lunch at cousin's weekend. Dad managed to almost make the waiter cry - he was brand new and Dad gave him a traveler's check, thereby completely freaking him out. He didn't know what to do with it so he kind of hovered around hoping for guidance. Dad was very kind to him and walked him through it.  Lunch was of course ex-cell-ent  - Jackson was in heaven all weekend, hitting one great meal after another. We went out the Crossings outlets and shopped for the afternoon,then back home again. The drive home was great, all the leaves are in full color so we pulled over and got some great pictures - although the pictures could never do them justice. The colors are beyond amazing, they've got some trees here that turn lemon yellow and orange and when you see a whole mountainside of them it just takes your breath away. For dinner we ended up at the Chinese Buffet down the road and then Dad took off this morning. He's heading out to Lancaster to bother the amish. I don' t know why anyone would like that bunch of fakers, but to each his own. I'm off to work again tonight, another round of 8 hour shifts. David's busy trying to get a "deal" on tires, he's thinking of the place in Honesdale where the tires are $25 - INSTALLED. I hope it's not that Barely Used Tires place, I'm personally a bit leery of what "barely used" might be.

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