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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Change Is Good For You!

David's been working on the house steadily, what a difference it is for him to have the time to actually do the work instead of trying to squeeze it on the weekends and nights. The first picture is the guest room which we're leaving intact for now, the decor goes with the furniture we brought with us. I found some old pictures of the living room and family room so you can really see the difference. After David's done, we'll reorganize and straighten it out, since he's constantly moving things there's no point in trying now. Jackson did make his mountain last night, when it's painted I'll post a picture. David gave him a couple of cans of instant insulation so he just squirted a mountain out on a piece of cardboard. I still dont' see the point of it myself, I can see this project for elementary but for high school students?? I'm still working on my sleeping - I waited to go to bed until 10am and got a few hours. I'll go back to bed after dinner for a couple hours more. I find it a bit silly that I've had to make sleeping a project, of course our Vincent has made it his life. We've been making him go out and it's a struggle, the second you get near the door he starts squriming to get down. He occasionally will ask to go out, but I dont think he'll ever be an outside cat again.

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