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Sunday, October 3, 2004

I Wish Fall Was In The Air......

instead of all over my driveway -and it's only October! I hope the Homeowners Association doesn't expect us to rake up all this crap.  After all, when you build houses in the woods you've got to expect leaves here and there. And there. And there. And... well, you get the point. It does look pretty right now, the leaves all over the drive are still colorful and red. I suppose when they turn crappy brown it will be another story. But then there's tons of snow to cover it up, so I think I've got it all under control. I always enjoy a master plan that requires no effort on my part. We're fighting with our old cable company from WV - we got another bill -this one is almost $300. It seems that the person who was supposed to shut off our service back in August didn't and the new homeowner who is recieving free cable - ain't complaining. We can't call the new homeowner because the cable company says they've tried and the phone was disconnected. We get a different story out of everyone and I'm taking names. David got home today, it only took him 3 1/2 hours the way he went this time. He's brought a small aluminum boat his dad gave him, my bike and a few other items we've got no room for. The weather's a bit chill this morning and we had a herd of turkeys in the yard. A gaggle? No, that's  geese. A cell? No, that Al-kida. Hmm. I guess we had a small grouping of turkeys. They were sort of cool in any case.

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