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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween!

Of course I have to work and since most of my patient population is older than dirt and incontinent to boot - well, there will be NO trick or treating there! I had to work the daylight savings time night which sucks half of the time. If you're lucky you can work the Spring Ahead which is an hour out early. I was not lucky. I worked the Fall Behind part of the program which is having to stay an hour extra and since they don't change the clocks til later everytime you look at it you think it's 5 am! And then you deflate realizing it is only 4 am. This is exacerbated by dayshift scampering around happily since they get to come in an hour late. I ended up waking up at 1 today, the shift in time has me off schedule, but I'm off tomorrow for one day so I  can catch up on my sleep then. I made Jackson get out of bed, he doesn't even have the excuse of working, now does he? We haven't had one trick or treater and I'm trying very hard not to trick or treat myself - at least not too much. The weather is beautiful today, isn't it? I had the dogs out and they're still on Gopher Hole Patrol, we haven't seen one yet, but I guess since I'm always digging at the holes, they've probably moved.

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