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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Passing The Buck

Driving to work at night has special challenges up here in the forest. First off there are NO streetlights, at all. If you turned your headlights off at any time you would be plunged into a darkness so deep it would be unbelievable. You don't notice how many lights there are in NY until you move out of it. Then there are the tractor trailers that do most of thier traveling at night, most times I'm the only one on the road with less than 18 wheels. I've learned very quickly to keep a close eye on the truck in the next lane - I've been pushed off the road once already - they don't always see the little CRV when they're changing lanes. And the deer, Holy Toledo! They just stand in the road like you wouldn't believe, I almost hit 3 in one night. It looked sort of like Happy Hour at the Boardy Barn - you know how they get all wasted and just sort of stand around in the road? It's exactly like that except the deer aren't wearing wife-beaters with gold chains, barfing in the bushes and making a general ass of themselves in front of thier girlfriend.. I'm once again having insomnia, though it's cat - related. Mr. Lee has not only been scratching the door but has figured out how to pop it open letting the sunshine in. She woke me up 3 times and when I finally got up fit to be tied,  I found her snoozing on the couch like she'd never moved. I've got two more shifts to go this week. Jackson is fine, still working metal in school. David is busy working on the downstairs room, he's carpeted and painted and will doing the tile soon. He cleaned out the woodstove and had it going the other night, wowee!, does it work. Even the loft was roasting. I'm off this weekend, thank goodness.

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