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Sunday, February 25, 2007

And Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program

Well, I did not have the greatest of all weekends I must admit. First off  is the Thing That Must Not Be Mentioned as a certain Crabby Pants had threatened to open a "whole can of rotten worms!" and her sidekick seems to think I have a lot of nerve and so forth. Whatever. Moving On. In other news, Pearl has gone into heat finally - and now we wish she hadn't. We had some Trick or Treaters in the yard and I didn't spot them right away - but Miss Thing certainly did and I just had to just about carry her disobedient self back into the house. I did very patiently explain they were not her Kind but she was being very base about the whole business and didn't appear to care. I'm not really sure how long this is supposed to last so I'll write to Kathy the dog breeder and ask her, hopefully no longer than another day or two. I'm not enjoying the yard today at any rate, the snow melted and then it rained so there's mud as far as the eye can see. Running after Trick or Treaters is a slippery and slidey operation so Pearl will be on a leash until this whole business is over. David's had his hands full - the good news is his Dad's biopsy came back negative - it's just a polyp or benign tumor in his nasal cavity that ruptured a bit and he'll be having it removed soon. Then yesterday his mom started bleeding so it was off to the hospital - they took her off of her Plavix and Aspirin for now. Then David's sister called later as his mom was now having black spots in front of her eyes so back they went to the hospital and they treated her high blood pressure. I've been busy doing some paper work today and reading up on the next seminar I'm scheduled for - work has gotten a bit out of hand as I'm transitioning from visit nurse to supervisor to Home Health Agency Manager all in the space of about 6 weeks. The day in Pittsburgh set me back a day last week so I had to push the office work over to this week and I STILL have visits and infusions and I'm going to be there during the orientation of the new nurses because pretty soon I'm going to be doing it. But I'm looking foward to it despite feeling a bit overwhelmed - and I get to hang out in Bridgeport a couple of days a week eventually which will be really fun.


purplemaniac27 said...

Hello!  A dog stays in heat for 63 days.  A week of being swollen; a week of bleeding; and the last week is where you should really keep Pearl away from any male dogs.  That is the time she can conceive.  I hope this helps.

purplemaniac27 said...

I'm sorry...I was mistaken.  Gestation is 63 days.  Heat for dogs is 21 days.  Sorry for the mistake.