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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Can You Feel Me Dancing?

When I went into work yesterday as my boss walked by me she told me she needed to talk to me. I had a slight moment of panic as she didn't say why - and being a secretly Very Paranoid Person ran over events of the past few days. I've only been at my new job for a short period of time, not long enough to create too much mayhem but you never know. Had I known what she was going to discuss with me I would've put my shoes on. Instead I was forced to accept ANOTHER PROMOTION wearing pink kitten socks. Yep - another promotion!! That would be with ANOTHER RAISE.  I was rocked. They did another interview for the director position, Delia, one of the big bosses came down to do it. Apparently after I left Tammy and Delia decided to stop looking for a director and called off the headhunter. I'm not the director - haha, that would be scary but they've decided I can run both the visit ends in Morgantown and Bridgeport. That looks like a lot more responsibility written down, doesn't it? They still have to hire nurses to fill my position so I'll be doing visits for at least a few more months which is fine with me - I'll probably keep a few as I would hate to be out of that end entirely. But I am so excited! I'm heading out to Pittsburgh for training and will start taking managing seminars, I'll also be getting incentive pay which Susan says is 1% of our gross I think, but as the agency gets bigger(and it is daily) the incentive will be growing along with that. Whoo hoo!


mosie1944 said...

That's wonderful!  Congratulations.

quiltsnroses said...

Congratulations on your promotion!  You must be doing something very much right!  It does sound like a lot of responsibility and a lot more work--hope it is a really big raise!