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Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Watched Pot Doesn't Boil

And a hamster driven modem doesn't load either. Jackson was laughing the other day because this computer actually encourages reading and other activities that you can do while waiting for it to load. I don't think there's anything different except we've gotten so used to DSL and our Dell that we just forgot how slow the computers used to be. This weekend has been fairly quiet, the temps are hovering in the single digits and teens and the snow is thin, hard and old, not enough to play in and just enough to lose your balance on. I got my tires the other day, the front two were half price and the back was full so we got some of our money back at least. Jackson was over Becky's yesterday and they went to the movies, he's such a goose. Every night at six we yell Jackson and he yells What and we yell Dinner - you would think after 17 years he would get the connection between dinner and six wouldn't you? But it's very selective - he was in the shower upstairs yesterday and I heard him yell Do I Smell Cupcakes! Hmm. So I suppose if I started serving cupcakes for dinner I could save myself some time. David's been working on his bathroom, Jackson now has a full waterproof wall behind his tub and a medicine cabinet with a mirror over the sink - David hasn't finished hooking up the tub yet as he's afraid if we do that, he'll have no reason to come out of his room and we won't see him until graduation. They're predicting more snow and low temps for next week so I'm not sure how much time Jackson will be spending in school. The bad thing about all the cancelled school is either they'll cancel spring vacation or tack it onto the end, both of which will incur Endless Complaining And Whining by the participant.

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