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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

To celebrate today, we are "putting on the dog", haha. She's such a goose, isn't she? Anyhoo, there were all sorts of dire predictions weather wise, 6 to 8 inches of snow, yada, yada, yada. We got about an inch of snow followed by rain which in turn made the roads Very Disgusting. As we all know, they use cinders around here instead of salt which creates the BBQ Effect (what's in your BBQ after it rains is what it looks like on the road) so my car is all drippy black. Jackson had his day off from school and I even got a late start because they didn't plow our road and there was no way I could get by without slinging down the hill and bouncing off the trailers below. So I hung around the house until 10-ish and then headed out. Yesterday was an odd day at work, I was very at loose ends and distracted. But I did get my desk switched - the other party was supposed to switch desks with me a few weeks ago and has come up with one excuse after another as to why she doesn't have time. Although she has been busy I've been getting the distinct feeling she had no intentions at all and I would be living out of a box forever. She wasn't in yesterday and since I had time, I grabbed one of my co-workers and we moved her - it took maybe 30 minutes and it's all done. It wasn't that big of a deal - we just swopped out the drawers and switched the stuff on top. So I am now sitting by the door at the end and the private duty people are sitting together which should make things easier - my main complaint has been since they work in the same venue they talk very loudly to each other across my desk when they're not walking back and forth and it's very distracting. Hopefully there'll be no fireworks over it.

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