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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Best Buy - I Think NOT

Yes, I am in a bit of a mood this morning, thank you for asking. Being on the "emergency" computer isn't helping at all - our Dell was running a bit slow so David brought it to Best Buy to have a diagnostic run and also to have a new antivirus program installed - he was told 2 days, 5 for worst case - that would be a week ago. He called Wednesday and was told that since they had to install Vista to all the computers they'd sold ours was being moved to the back of the line. That  was the opposite of what he'd been told Monday which was first come first serve. In the meantime I've reconfigured the old modem so we can at least retrieve email and so forth, you forget how even a few years ago how slow computers were and how easily you forget. (I could just about go take a nap in the time it took to load up my journal!) This one actually makes cranking and whirling noises everytime you ask it to do anything - sometimes it goes on for so long it forgets what it's doing and then you have to restart it. So we are limping along until Monday and hopefully we'll get ours back - we were going to just cancel but that puts us back to having to start all over again so we're toughing it out.We also stopped in on Saturday and talked to the manager instead of calling, hopefully they'll scurry a bit faster just to get rid of us. In other news my first week as Visit Case Manager went pretty well - the boss actually told me she was impressed with my performance which I appreciated a great deal as it's hard to tell how you're doing. I feel like I'm doing a balancing act most days - and my bargain hunting skills are becoming quite useful in an odd sort of way. I haggle away most days on visit payment, supplies, etc - I figure I can always go work in a flea market if this doesn't pan out.  I got pictures from my sister this morning and am a bit grumpy about the whole thing - one of the downsides of moving away is being left out of family plans - the whole family is in Florida and I didn't even know. I knew my sister and mom were going down but apparently there's a whole family reunion and only family was invited. Whatever, I'll get over it.

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