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Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Quiet Days Of Winter

We certainly didn't do much yesterday, I did paperwork first thing in the morning but after that it was tv and knitting. Jackson went to Becky's so we dropped him off and went to the bookstore. David was harrassing me about my dorky outfit - if I don't plan on going anywhere I have a few old pairs of sweatpants that are way too big. I don't really care, they're faded and don't stay up too well, but David would prefer I throw them out. I suppose the ones I had on yesterday I might, I don't even like them anymore.They used to a deep red and now they're a funky pinky-red with bleach stains and big stretched out seat. Anyhoo, David and I have recently been discussing where we would like to end up someday - I wish he would stop as it always ends up in a big arguement. When he speaks of the perfect place it has a moderate to large amount of people, on the coast, etc. When I envision what I consider perfect it's sort of like where we are now, just a lot less populated. As  I get older the urge to move further and further out west gets stronger - I've always been drawn to open plains and farmland - why I haven't the slightest idea. If I won the lottery tomorrow I'd be heading out to Missouri to Reeds Springs or to Eureka Arkansas without a second thought. My ideal home would be a huge log cabin with lots of windows and a fieldstone fireplace, I would like to have cows but as we all know  I find them terrifying if they move around so I might just get a couple little sheep. I of course would have them declawed and defanged just to be on the safe side. But this is just the cabin fever talking, isn't it? David is still vacilltating about the two acres in the front and goes back and forth - but he's much more leaning towards keeping them as spring approaches. We've been burning the wood all winter from what he's cleared and we still have tons.

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