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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Do I Smell Jelly Beans?

I have so far managed to keep off all the weight I lost - I've weighed between 135 and 140 for about 4 months now. That's not a bad weight for me actually, I would like to weight 112 but as I'm about 5'7" I know that's unrealistic. A friend of mine once told me we weigh ourselves when we're 17 and spend the rest of our lives thinking that's our "ideal" weight, spending disappointing years trying to get back there. But in reality at that age you're not done growing are you? So this weight is middle of the road, I do have to work at it a bit, but it's not impossible. HOWEVER my favoritie food holiday is looming on the horizon which would be Easter. And YES I know I don't believe in the christian god but I do believe in Easter Baskets. My record one year was 5 pounds of jelly beans in under 2 weeks and that's not including the chocolate bunnies, the coconut cream eggs or the acres upon acres of Peeps I consumed when I thought no one was watching. CVS has become an exercise in restraint as I walk by the aisles of little Peep bunnies with thier tiny chocolate eyes trained on me. I picked up an eight ounce bag of jelly  beans yesterday and for the first time in my life - looked at the calories per serving. The good news is it's only 100 calories - the bad news is there were NINE servings per bag. That would be almost a thousand calories per bag so if I eat nothing but two bags of jelly beans per day that would be ok. Hmm. There might be something wrong with that kind of thinking as it doesn't include Peeps. So there is a plan B which is I drastically cut my caloric intake now, up my exercise schedule thereby creating a buffer weight so I can eat like a loon at the appropriate time. We will see. In other news Pearl is in heat and I was informed the other day in the comments that this will go on for at least a few more weeks. I guess there's nothing I can do about it but continue deflecting the Trick or Treaters and keeping Miss Thing on a leash.


mosie1944 said...

You are the same height as I am.  I consider myself SKINNY if I get under 140.  I'm quite content to weigh under 150, although I'm sorry to say I've put on 5 pounds this winter, so I'm a bit over that.  112?  At that weight, I'd be a skeleton!

quiltsnroses said...

I am almost the same height too-5'6".  Only wish I weighed 140--those days are long gone I suppose.  I gotta go to Target and see if they have any vanilla peep bunnies.  I had some vanilla heart peeps for Valentines Day and oh my gosh, they taste just like eating cake, but not as many calories.  If I liked jelly beans too, I would be in BIG trouble cuz I attract extra weight like a magnet!  

mommareef said...

Do you remember sitting in John's Pizza Parlor with me...eatin' Peeps?????
I think it was 1981....right before I got married and left Dodge.  It wasn't a big deal...just another day in Spring, but for some reason I've always remembered that.
Hooray for you keeping your weight down....and yes how smart to not attempt to weigh what you did at 17.  How did we do it?  I used to eat pizza and candy and carvel icecream, etc. etc.  and never gain an ounce (though I thought I was fat...poor baby).  I would kill to weigh what I did back then. (I'm not sure what I'd kill.)  Oh well...I lost about 25 pounds before my daughter's wedding and I've managed to keep it off.  I need to do that one more time and then I'll be in a good spot!  Okay...that's my Spring are an inspiration!