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Friday, February 23, 2007

I Was Wrong, I Would Rather Not Be In Pittsburgh

I left yesterday morning at 6:45 am - I had to be there by 9, but it's only 77 miles so I figured that would give me more than enough time, especially if I wanted to take pictures. I got to 10 miles within my destination in about an hour or so - then I hit Pittsburgh. I sat on route 276 for almost 45 minutes, it was nightmarish at best. Thank goodness I had the GPS - getting lost in heavy traffic makes me so upset. It's not the getting lost, it's the fact that if you get on the wrong road it can take forever to get turned back around and back on the right road. But I was on the right road and arrived 10 minutes before it started. I saw a couple of people I knew and the seminar was over by noon. At lunch the President of the Pittsburgh office came and sat at our table, eek! I hate eating in front of people I don't know and it didn't make it any easier that it was someone in charge of the whole kaboodle. So I got through lunch, hopefully not babbling too much and then off to the main office that I forgot to take a picture of. I met the rep from the insurance company and did another training session and then off for home. I hit some traffic, but since it was only 3 pm it wasn't too bad and was back home by 5pm. I do have to admit I do like the tunnels, they're fun to drive in and for some reason the second you hit the tunnels, the traffic breaks up. I'm still working on my latest project but I'm not sure if I like it or not. The yarn might be a bit too big or busy or something and the pattern isn't showing up quite as much as I would like it to. So I have to decide whether to continue or frog it, hmm. I've put a lot of work into it so far and I think I probably have to do another rep at least to get a better idea of how it will look. But I might sneaky order that yarn I'd wanted just in case.

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