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Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Never Ending Saga Of Best Buy

I've recieved yet another letter from the corporate headquarters, apparently someone felt that perhaps complete inaction was not the best way to handle it -

Thank you for contacting Best Buy about product repairs. I'm Michael
with Customer Care.
At Best Buy, we understand the importance of good service, as well as
how frustrating poor service can be. I apologize that your experience
with our Granville location Geek Squad has been unpleasant. I would also
like to apologize if the level of service you received did not meet the
expectations you have come to expect from Best Buy. Best Buy strives to
provide our customers with the highest level of service, convenience and
selection. We value receiving your comments so we may use this feedback
to improve the shopping and service experience for all our customers.
A formal complaint has been filed on your behalf. Your concerns will be
provided to the management team for review. While formal complaints are
handled internally, please be assured that your concerns have been
registered and any appropriate action(s) will be taken to resolve this
Thank you for sharing your comments with Best Buy. Please do not
hesitate to contact us with additional questions or concern

I suppose I should be glad, but I'm not - at this point I think it's just a little too late, don't you? Jackson is home for the day, the temps have dipped down again. They had school yesterday which made someone a true Grumpy Guppy as Morgantown High was one of the few open. I was surprised as the roads were horrifying at best yesterday, it rained first thing in the morning, then turned to snow and then the temperture really plummetted.  I started to go to PA to do some visits but ended up turning back. It took me an hour to drive 10 miles due to all the people that had slid off the road or into the middle and got stuck. The other nurse was in the office so we got a ton of paperwork done and everything caught up and finished moving the last of the furniture. I was glad Jackson doesn't ride the school bus as they were really having a time of it. David had a Vermont Teddy Bear sent to my office yesterday, I got the Cow Bear which was very cute. It's now occupying my desk where Evil Pearl cannot lay claim to it.

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quiltsnroses said...

Your pictures sent shivers down my spine--it is sooooo cold there!  Very pretty too.  I certainly have second thoughts about buying anything at Best Buy after reading what kind of service they gave you.  Letters of apology just don't cut it--they need to reimburse you for your inconvenience if they really want to keep you as a customer.