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Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Fighting Irish

My car is at the shop this morning getting 3 new tires - the front ones are indeed covered under warranty despite the initial information to the contraray. David and I told them that if they weren't going to honor the warranty we would be getting in contact with Good Year to find out why not and we'd be taking our business elsewhere. My tires were inspected again, Good Year was called and they'll only cost $117 after deducting normal wear and tear. Our computer is supposed to be done this evening but we're picking it sometime tomorrow or Monday - probably tomorrow so I can go to the mall. I did hear from Best Buy Corporate Office: I would post the letter I got but am unable to as the hamster computer cannot figure out the "cut and paste" - anyhoo the letter that arrived 2 or 3 days after I wrote pretty much sympathized with me about the frustration of poor service and let me know they depended on customer feedback for improving the quality of thier service. That was it. I have to say I was not impressed as I would have preferred they at least make an attempt to make it right rather than just letting me know they felt sorry for me! I'll still buy CDs there and games but I think I'll stick with Dell and Staples for anything major. The weather still remains brutally cold - Jackson only had one full day of school (Friday was a 2 hour delay) and Preston school has remained closed for the past two weeks. Pearl doesn't mind the weather, she's still teasing the St. Bernard on the other side of the fence - everytime she sees it she races down there and they run back and forth along thier side of the fence - she can do that for hours if we let her. I told David if that St. Bernard ever gets out  it will probably just come over and eat her.


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