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Saturday, February 24, 2007

This Is My Journal

It was pointed out to me that there were a couple of comments on my journal from when I 'd written about a relative trying to contact me again, although she'd made it quite clear at the time that she didn't like me. I went  back to the entry and sure enough - there the actual party was - and her daughter too. Don't bother looking for them, they've been deleted, after all this is my journal and it is a free country. I think I was more mystified as to why they're reading my journal  and both felt the need to continue the "feud" as my father likes to call it even though it's a bit one sided. I can almost feel them reading this right now formulating thier response and next move. Ready to cast that next barb despite thier claims they wish to have nothing to do with me- they've made it clear they think I've done them some horrible wrong - and perhaps I have - but I had said to them back when this all happened that maybe it was better if we didn't have any contact at all. After all just because there is some small blood connection doesn't mean you have to get along or even like each other. The whole thing was strange as my best friend and I were talking on that subject today - about how sometimes you have to cut yourself off or be cut off - and physical distance isn't always the answer. So if you two are reading this (or three if my soon to be EX sister in law is peeping also) I am sorry. For what ever it was I did or you think I did - I'm sorry. Now, here is the fun thing - if you don't contact me EVER AGAIN I will have nothing to mention in blog! Is that like totally fair or what! Now to paraphrase my favorite song  - Don't Go Away Mad, Just Go Away.


mosie1944 said...

hehehe.  You go, girl!

purplemaniac27 said...

Well said!  Although I'm a lurker...I look forward to reading your blog daily.  I just wanted to let you know I could not have said it better myself.  Keep up the good work!  

mommareef said...

Hey...I finally figured out how to sign in and all that jazz!
I'm so technologically challenged!!!!
How cool that you have a merry band of supporters...the world is a beautiful place!  
And I second; "You go Girl!"